Given that the Enterprise Mobility Suite Platform changes so often, I am starting a recurring monthly session to review (and demo!) what’s new with the EMS platform. We’re working on finalizing the EventBrite page, but I’ll add that here as soon as it’s complete. You can find the video from May’s here

Here’s a summary of what was presented, check out the video to see some of them in action!

Azure AD Premium

  • Conditional Multi-Factor Authentication for all gallery applications
  • Microsoft Identity Manager Public Preview Updated
  • Azure AD Application Proxy now supports custom domain names
  • Employee Self-Service App Access for Azure AD now in preview
  • Azure Cloud App Discovery GA
  • Privileged Identity Management service
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics public preview release is now available
  • Hybrid reports with Azure AD and Microsoft Identity Manager Reporting
  • Azure AD and Windows 10, better together


  • Support for Windows 10 management with Microsoft Intune
  • New hybrid features now available for customers using ConfigMgr integrated with Intune
  • Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide
  • Extend application protection to your existing line-of-business apps using the Intune App Wrapping Tool for Android (Intune App Wrapping Tool for iOS made available in December 2014)
  • Ability to assign help desk permissions to Intune admins, filtering their view of the Intune admin console to only provide access to perform remote tasks (e.g. passcode reset and remote lock)
  • RSS feed notification option added for Intune admin to subscribe to be alerted when new Intune service notifications are available for their service instance
  • Improved end user experience in the Intune Company Portal app for iOS with step-by-step guidance added on how to access corporate email by enrolling for management and validating device compliance
  • Updated Intune Company Portal app for Windows Phone 8.1 to provide enhanced status notifications for app installations
  • New custom policy template for managing new Windows 10 features using OMA-URI
  • New per-platform mobile device security policy templates for Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone, in addition to new Exchange ActiveSync policy template
  • Ability to deploy Google Play store apps that are required/mandatory to install on Android devices

Rights Management Services

  • RMS updates for Windows desktops
  • Departmental (scoped) Templates
  • Onboarding Controls
  • Support for RMS protected emails and documents on iOS and Android with TITUS
  • Migration tool for ADRMS to AZRMS migrations
  • Changes to the Azure RMS use license validity period (default 30 days)
  • New version of the Azure RMS Administration Too
  • RMS Document Tracking

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