Today, Microsoft plugged a gap with one of the most asked features for Right Management Services (RMS), the new RMS Protection Tool. This tool will allow you to automate the process of protecting and unprotecting content with RMS in both on-premises and Azure RMS  scenarios.

This is facilitated today through PowerShell Cmdlets, and provides scripting mechanisms to bulk protect and unprotect documents (eventually this tool will replace the Bulk Protection tool).

It supports the following scenarios:

  • Use admin-defined templates and ad-hoc policies to protect documents.
  • Protect documents of any type – Office file formats, PDFs, text, images, and generic file protection.
  • Use the Cmdlets on Azure RMS and on-premises AD RMS.
  • Service-to-service authentication for Azure RMS scenarios – for server workloads, it is important that the application is authenticated silently, which can be achieved using these Cmdlets.

It should be noted that there will be future support for emails and PST files.

You can find more details on the RMS Blog

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