Last Friday, Microsoft announced the General Availability of Hyper-V Generation 2 Virtual Machines recovery to Azure.

There are a few requirements to note:

  • OS disk type to be Basic Disk which includes 1 or 2 Data volumes with disk format as VHDX which is less than 300GB
  • Post failover when running in Azure there will be limitations on generation 2 features like not supporting PXE boot by using standard network adapter, not supporting Secure Boot, not supporting UEFI firmware support which shouldn’t impact the application
  • Failover Recovery Time Objective (RTO) impact of additional 1 hour per 100GB of the OS disk.
  • Windows Guest OS will be supported, Linux support will be added later.

Here’s what a sample recovery plan looks like for a Gen1 (SiteRecovery) and Gen2 (SiteRecovery2) VM, both of which VMs are vanilla 60GB VM images. As you can see, the Gen2 VM takes longer due to the active conversion that takes place as it’s provisioned in Azure.

Test failover


Planned failover


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