Over the holiday weekend, I decided to wipe all of my new lab devices, update and re-enroll them into Intune.


In doing so, I found that the latest iOS 8.4 update did not play nicely with the current version of Word for iPad out there (although iPod/iPhone works just fine). In fact, it launches the start screen and promptly freezes.

Seems to be a bug Microsoft has yet to fix, however there’s a great workaround to resolve this found on the Microsoft Answers forum here.

Essentially, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the Microsoft OneDrive or OneDrive For Business App.
  2. Login with your personal or business credentials.
  3. Select and open a stored Word document.
  4. Now Word For iPad will open every time.

I’ve found that this works immediately for me, hopefully Microsoft patches this soon!

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