So since Windows 10 went Generally Available today, I decided it’s finally time to update my trusty Surface Pro 3.

I went ahead and grabbed the latest installer and ran through the upgrade, took about 20-25 minutes or so beginning to end.

However, when I went to connect to the internet, I noticed that all of my network devices, not only my wireless, but my dock wired and USB wired dongle wouldn’t appear in network connections. I double-checked firmware, drivers and everything in between to no avail.

Finally, I saw a tweet from Jay Parekh (@jparekh_tech) that mentioned that if I had AnyConnect installed, it causes some odd issues. I do recall post-upgrade that there was an AnyConnect installer asking for source files. At that point I had already reverted back to 8.1, so I went ahead and uninstalled the AnyConnect client and upgraded again. This time, voilà! All of my network devices appeared!

After some further research and pointers from Jay, it appears the following is currently supported (as of 7/27/15):

AnyConnect 4.1MR4 (4.1.04011) and 3.1MR10 (3.1.10010)

Happy upgrading!

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