If you haven’t seen this already, I’d recommend bookmarking these two links for what’s coming in Intune Standalone and MDM in Configuration Manager (Integrated/Hybrid).

Generally the functionality between the two will typically lag in Configuration Manager by 2-3 months, so keep an eye on which platform the new features are being released on.

Intune Standalone

MDM in Configuration Manager

Also, there are a slew of new features coming to Intune Standalone over the course of the next week. If you want the latest and greatest, stuck with Standalone!

  • Multi-identity support for OneDrive app on Android: When using the OneDrive app for Android devices, users can access both their personal and corporate accounts in the same app while Intune mobile application management policies are only applied to the user’s corporate account (Multi-identity support for OneDrive app on iOS previously released in June).
  • Deployment of certificates in .pfx format: You can deploy certificates in Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) format to Windows 10 and Android devices without need for Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES).
  • Conditional access for Windows PCs: You can restrict access to Office 365 so that only domain-joined PCs running Office 2013 can connect.
  • User-specific terms and conditions: You can deploy customized terms and conditions to Intune user groups which they must accept before using the Intune Company Portal to enroll devices and access corporate resources.
  • Management of Activation Lock feature for iOS: You have the ability to manage the Activation Lock feature on iOS 7.1+ devices, providing you with the option to turn the feature on/off, view status, and bypass the Activation Lock.
  • Support for custom VPN profiles for iOS: You have the ability to define VPN settings for additional VPN providers on iOS devices using the new custom option in the VPN profile dropdown menu.
  • Intune Company Portal app for Android updated: The Intune Company Portal app for Android has been updated to display device enrollment instructions after signing in for those who have not yet enrolled their device for management.

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