Back in November, Microsoft announced the Public Preview for Azure AD Connect Health for Sync.

NOTE: In order to get access to this, you must own Azure AD Premium and have a license assigned to the user working in the portal.

The primary goal of this tool is to provide a dashboard view for your Azure AD Connect sync status so you don’t have to go combing through logs on your Azure AD Connect server on-premises. This will give you proactive alerts on configuration or sync issues via e-mail so that you can remediate issues faster.

Here is an example of one of those e-mail alerts

To grab it, all you have to do is navigate to the Azure portal and search for it in the Marketplace

Go ahead and choose Create (it will ensure you’re licensed)

Now find the icon on your dashboard and select it.

Note that you DO NOT have to deploy a separate agent for this to work, it is baked into the latest version of the Azure AD Connect agent!

Give it some time to populate the data and you should see something similar to below

Also note the AD Domain Services, one could only guess what’s coming next 🙂 Monitoring for on-premises DCs?

Click on your Azure AD Connect (Sync) icon to open the status blade

You can see that we’re currently healthy (despite some sync issues during patching earlier today!

Note that you also get your last export to Azure AD time as well!

Now just a few days ago, Microsoft also announced some additional functionality around monitoring profile latency, which you can find if you chose the object in the top right box for the Azure AD Connect server.

Click that chart, and you also pull up another addition that shows not only the run profile latency, but also the Sync Object Changes!

Anyone who has administered AD Connect before knows that this data is fairly difficult to pull out in a nice report.

This is a must have for anyone running Azure AD and O365!

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