While catching up on some of my latest Microsoft news, I came across an announcement of some new PowerBI content packs here

Office365Mon allows you to track the availability of your Office 365 environment. Analyzing your Office 365 outages and health performance data is easy with Power BI and the Office365Mon content pack. Power BI retrieves your data, including outages and health probes, then provides out-of-box dashboard and reports based on that data.

This is possible due to some of the recent O365 APIs being released to developers earlier this year. And as someone with a lot of customers on O365, this is one of the top things asked for, and I haven’t seen a lot of great tools out there, so why not give it a spin!

Let’s head over to https://www.office365mon.com/

You can see some of the different pricing tiers below

Let’s start by setting up a trial from their site, you can go to Products and Office365mon and you can see that it uses an oauth connection back to O365

Let’s fill in our tenant info

It populates our info and admin UPN based on the Global Admin account I logged in as

We’ll add some e-mail notifications, event through I have the O365 Admin app on my device, it never hurts to have another platform to notify me 🙂

And finally we add our SharePoint and Exchange Online mailbox for polling statistics from. In a production scenario I would recommend setting up a dedicated mailbox for this instead of a user’s account


Setup Service info

You’re all set!

Let’s head back over to the PowerBI site https://app.powerbi.com and add our content pack

Setup the Oauth connection

Wait for it to start ingesting data

And you now are starting to populate info from your O365 tenant!

And we can dig in a bit deeper into some of the reports, such as:

Outages Report

Health checks

Or ask PowerBI a question

Kudos to a great tool with great integration to PowerBI!

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