I don’t often post about this, but my blog wouldn’t be what it was without Project Nami and WordPress (now 4.4).

When I first looked to start this blog, it was a no brainer that I was going to put it on Azure (being the Microsoft person that I am) and of course, want to eat the dogfood. However, when looking around in the Azure Marketplace and how others were doing their blogs, deploying it to plain old MySQL with their ClearDB partner just wasn’t for me.

Thanks to a recommendation from Microsoft PTS Jonathan Gardner, I checked out Project Nami, which has ported over the WordPress code to support SQL, and even better in my case, focused on SQL PaaS in Azure! The development team over there is great and is on top of updating their code very quickly in lockstep with the WordPress releases.

Today marks a milestone, as they mentioned in their blog, which extends the platform to truly leveraging the power of SQL, specifically the initial release of their Full Text Search plugin. Congrats to the team, and thanks for all of the hard work!

Happy searching!

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