Back in December, Brad Anderson posted about the expanding Intune Application Ecosystem, including vendors such as Adobe, Box, SAP and Xamarin. In addition, Microsoft has expanded their own MAM capabilities into some of their own apps such as PowerBI, Remote Desktop and finally Skype for Business.

You can find a list of those supported applications below:

One thing you’ll note is that when you click on the Skype for Business app, is that it shows “coming soon”

However as Tom and I were poking around the Intune portal rebuilding a tenant last week, we found that when deploying Skype for Business, the app now shows that it is MAM capable, which it did not before

Let’s go ahead and launch the app and test it out.

You can see the first time we launch Skype for Business on our iOS device that we now get a notification indicating that this app is protected. If we wanted, we could also protect this with an App PIN as well.

You can see the sign-in experience hasn’t changed

Let’s see what happens with an IM. I went ahead and IMed my test account from my corporate account and copied text from the chat window.

Now if we try to paste that content to a local non-MAM enabled application, it will not paste the content

We can also see the same experience when we draft a new Outlook e-mail with our personal account. We do not even get a paste option here.

However you can see that if we draft a new corporate e-mail, paste works just fine.

Happy testing!

  1. Thanks for this article.
    Do you know if this expanding gives also the possibility to limit access to the SfB to the Intune managed devices only?

    • Conditional Access for Skype for Business Online today is not supported but I do understand it may be coming.

      In that scenario, you can require device compliance/enrollment before allowing access to SfB which should satisfy your requirements.

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