Back in December, I first talked about the concept of managing Office mobile apps without need for enrollment. This was great for scenarios such as:

  • Having corporate policies against enrolling ANY personal device in an MDM
  • Customers looking to move from their current MDM provider to Intune, but need MAM now
  • Customers looking to stay on their current MDM provider (but why!) and want MAM capabilities

I’m not sure when this changed, but Microsoft has also recently lit up the Outlook application for MDM-less MAM as well!

021716_2000_Outlookadde1.jpg 021716_2000_Outlookadde2.jpg

This is great for customers that want to have a Managed e-mail client within their MDM-less MAM container with the rest of the Office suite.

Check out my previous blog on how to set it up!

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