As mentioned in in my previous post, Azure AD Connect was released this week.

Let’s walk through the upgrade and some of the new features.

First grab the latest installer from here and kickoff the installation.






021916_1714_UpdateAzure6.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure7.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure8.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure9.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure10.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure11.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure12.png

Let’s take a look at a few of the new features

  1. Allow changing the user’s sign-in method after initial install.

    Let’s launch AD Connect

    You now see an option to change user sign-in method!

021916_1714_UpdateAzure13.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure14.png

Nice! You can now easily change from password sync to ADFS and vice versa without having to know the PowerShell script!


If I were to change ours to ADFS, you can see it lights up a tree of options for the configuration


  1. Allow Domain and OU filtering in the installation wizard. This also allows connecting to forests where not all domains are available.

Let’s first launch AD Connect and choose Customize Synchronization Options

021916_1714_UpdateAzure17.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure18.png 021916_1714_UpdateAzure19.png

Look at that nice and new Domain and OU filtering!


  1. Scheduler is built-in to the sync engine.

    There is no longer a scheduled task to run the synchronization to Azure AD!


As you can see, this is now built into the sync engine itself and the default sync time goes from every 3 hours, down to 30 minutes!

We can also see 2 new features promoted from preview to GA:

  • Device writeback.
  • Directory extensions.


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