Yesterday, Microsoft announced some new features for the Azure Security Center, including a new PowerBI dashboard. Did I mention it’s FREE!?*

*If you own PowerBI

Assuming you have a PowerBI subscription and Security Center already configured in your Azure subscription, it’s pretty easy to setup!

Below you can see the Azure experience I’ve already got configured


UPDATE: From here, you can get your subscription info and link to PowerBI

(as @thetomlilly pointed out)




First click this link to open the PowerBI dashboard and choose Connect


Put in your subscription ID from the Azure Portal


The default authentication type will be Anonymous, you’ll need to change that to oAuth2.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your Azure AD creds for that subscription



Then you’ll start to see your info populate after a short minute or two and you can slice and dice at will!

022616_1518_NewPowerBID6.png 022616_1518_NewPowerBID7.png 022616_1518_NewPowerBID8.png 022616_1518_NewPowerBID9.png

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