Let’s take a quick spin through the CAS settings


Under General Settings, you can see it pulls some of the tenant information from O365, we’ll start by just uploading our logo


Let’s take a look at the Cloud Discovery settings, we’ll leave most of this at the defaults for now

040616_1639_Configuring3.png 040616_1639_Configuring4.png 040616_1639_Configuring5.png 040616_1639_Configuring6.png 040616_1639_Configuring7.png 040616_1639_Configuring8.png

Under Sanctioned Apps, you can see all of the apps that you can connect today


Let’s take a look at the Mail Settings, we’ll add the sample from Technet

040616_1639_Configuring10.png 040616_1639_Configuring11.png

You can see the reference e-mail below

CAS Email

We can also see the Governance Log as well


And you can manage Admin Access


And finally setup IP Address ranges


Going back to the Dashboard, you can see it’s already picked up some activity for my logon

040616_1639_Configuring15.png 040616_1639_Configuring16.png

In the next blog, we’ll start adding some apps!

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