As you probably say in my previous blog post, Microsoft recently had a big update to Azure AD Connect.

NOTE: Since then, they have released here

As of that revision, they have moved the Scheduler function into the sync engine from scheduled tasks. So that begs the question, what if I need to force a sync due to testing or other reasons?

Well, let’s go find out.

First let’s open up PowerShell and check what modules are installed


Now let’s run a get-command to see what functions I can perform with that module. Looks like there are quite a few!


Looks like there’s a cmdlet for starting a sync cycle, let’s try it out



Let’s see if anything happened


Looks like our sync worked!

  1. I would also add that you can add the parameter -PolicyType and choose whether you are doing an Initial (full) sync or a Delta (Incremental) sync. You can also use Unspecified, which I assume just means it runs whatever the next one is that is scheduled (whether it is Initial or Delta).

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