So if you’re a fan of automation (as we should all be), you’ll love Microsoft’s newest (Preview) tool, Flow.

I, for one, use automation every day, whether it be in my home through SmartThings, Ecobee & cameras, PowerShell for work or IFTTT for getting those things in between done.

Microsoft announced Flow to the business version of IFTTT that can integrate with all of your core business SaaS applications.

The list is pretty good to start!


Microsoft has a lot of really great templates you can start from, or you can build your own!


Once you configure your connections, you can start to see the power of this tool and the type of data you can pass through.


I’m going to build a new Flow to fix in issue I face all the time…

Sharing my new blog entries on my social platforms of choice.

First we’ll start by configuring the Connections for Facebook, Twitter and Yammer


Once completed we’ll go ahead and custom-author our own flow.

First we’ll create a new Flow.

I’ll then choose how this Flow starts, specifically by looking for a new feed item in my RSS feed



Then we can either choose a condition or an action.

I won’t configure a condition on this, but some of your options are as follows:



Let’s then look for what we can do to Facebook.

In this case, I simply want to post this to my page. In the future, I could look for a condition like Feed Category of EMS, and post it to the EMS group.

When I select the box for Status Message, it will populate fields from the RSS feed that I can pass through to the Status message, in this case I want to post the Title then the link to the blog in the respective fields.


Next I’ll do the same with Twitter


And finally Yammer


Now we’ll give our Flow a name and Save it


Once saved, you can now stay on the page to view the status as a new action is run to see the status or check under the Logic Flow.



I’m going to publish a test blog, and you’ll see it hits all of my socials.







Now I’m just waiting on LinkedIn!

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