Announcing Microsoft Defender for macOS

Back in March, Microsoft announced that WDATP would now be MDATP, by way of now supporting macOS. There was a Private Preview announced, but just recently has that now become Public Preview. Below are the steps for onboarding macOS into MDATP.

Download installation and onboarding packages

Download the installation and onboarding packages from Windows Defender Security Center:

  1. In Windows Defender Security Center, go to Settings > Machine Management > Onboarding.
  2. In Section 1 of the page, set operating system to Linux, macOS, iOS or Android and Deployment method to Local script.
  3. In Section 2 of the page, select Download installation package. Save it as wdav.pkg to a local directory.
  4. In Section 2 of the page, select Download onboarding package. Save it as to the same directory.

Application installation

To complete this process, you must have admin privileges on the machine.

  1. Navigate to the downloaded wdav.pkg in Finder and open it.

  1. Select Continue, agree with the License terms, and enter the password when prompted.

You will be prompted to allow a driver from Microsoft to be installed (either “System Exception Blocked” or “Installation is on hold” or both. The driver must be allowed to be installed.

  1. Select Open Security Preferences or Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Select Allow:

The installation will proceed.


If you don’t select Allow, the installation will fail after 5 minutes. You can restart it again at any time.

Make sure to all AutoUpdate

All set (other than a licensing issue for my user)!

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